<metaname="description" content="Haitian artist Fred Charles, Haitian Art Company, largest collection of haitian art outside Haiti, located in Key West, Florida. Haitian paintings, Drapo Vodou, metals, sculpture and paper mache are available in the gallery & through mail."> <metaname="keywords" content="Haitian Art, Haiti, Key West Art Galleries, gallery, Voodoo, Vodou, Vodun, Voudou, Vodoun, outsider art, Drapo Vodou, spirit flags, flags, voodoo flags, metal art, Naive art, folk art, intuitive art, religious art, christian art, evangelical art, gifts, Carribean art, Caribbean art, haitian creole, haitian painting, Haitian artist F Charles, Haitian paper mache, papier mache, HAITIAN metals, HAITIAN ARTISTS, Cedor, Bigaud, Gourgue, Obin">
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Fred Charles

(24-619) 24x30 $Sold
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Haitian Art Co. is open 10am-6pm (eastern standard time) 7 days a week.
To order call us at (305) 296-8932 or email haitianartcompany@gmail.com.