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Fritzner Chery

Fritzner Chery was born in Petionville in 1947. He is a framer for the Monnin Gallery in Petionville. Chery originally started painting in 1976, and then stopped for some time because he was too busy making frames. He started painting again in 1997. He has no formal training, but working at the Monnin Gallery, enabled him to absorb and appreciate the art surrounding him. His favorite artists include Franz Zephirin, Gourgue and Paul Beauvoir. The raw primitivism of his paintings make him a favorite of the Haitian Art Co.

97-2006, "20x24"
$ Sold

(22-139) 16"x20"

20-475, 14"x18"

23-379, 12"x16"

22-470, 12"x16"

21-175, 08"x10"

21-228, 24"x24"

22-533, 16"x20"

22-224, 20"x24"

99-815, 12"x16"

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