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Frantz Zephirin

Surprise Page!

"Papa Ghede et Grand Brigitte at the cemetary"
Price On Request.

20-277C, 20x24
( evil spirits)
Price On Request.

FZ-044C, 40x60 The Pirates.
Price On Request

FZ-001C, 30x40
The visit of General Bossou with Damballah
$ Price On Request.

FZ212-007, 27x39.
Price On Request.

"Head of Jean Baptiste"
Pastel and oil varnish on canevas.
Price On Request

The Mouse Family Restaurant. FZ213-02C, 16x16.
$ Price On Request

12x12. $2.500

CAG-021F, The Pollution of the Earth.11x14.

FZ212-008c, 12x20
Price On Request

HCAG-052c, 08x10. $1000

21-099, 24x36.21-101c, 36x48
"Jacob and Esaiu birth" Pastel and oil varnish on canevas. $ Price On Request.
Price On Request.

213-103c, 15x15
Price On Request

HCAG-033F, 24"x24"
The Eyes of the Suffering.
$Price On Request. Price On Request

FZ-055C, 08x10. $1.000

The Ride of the Time.
FZnad-08, 28x28
Price On Request.

213-104c, 16x20
Price On Request

HCAG-001, 08x10. $1360

$ Price On Request
Price On Request.

HCAG-018F, 12x12.
The Eagle Bar and Club. $2.500

210-024, 24x24.
$ Price On Request
Price On Request.

The Angel of Light.
FZ213-01C, 17x21
$ 3,000

12x16. $1.800

16"x20" $ Price On Request

HCAG-056c, 08x10

FZ212-002, 10"x10"
Ride of Erzulie Danthor.

213-061, 15x15
$ Price On Request

210-023, 16x20
"L'apparition de Marassa 3 Dossous."
$ Price On Request

FZ212-001c, 12x23.
Price On Request.

FZ212-005C, 12x32.$ Price On Request

HCAG-060C, 12x24
Price On Request.

HCAG-032c, 24x24 The Cry of the Drum. $Price On Request.
Price On Request.

214-159c, 12x16
Price On Request

FZ-057c, 08x10

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