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Books on Haitian Art
Haitian Vodou Flags
Patrick Arthur Polk, 1997
University Press of Mississippi
hardcover, 72 pgs, $45
Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou
Donald J. Cosentino, 1995
UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History
softcover, 446 pgs, $ Soldout 

Artistes En Haiti: Cent Parmi d'Autres
Michele Grandjean, 1997
APAM, 118 pgs, texts in French
softcover, $55Soldout 
La Peinture Haitienne:
Dialogue du Reel et de L'Imaginaire

AFHAC, 1990, 92 pgs, texts in French
hardcover: $78 Soldout  

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Haitian Art Co. is open 10am-6pm (eastern standard time) 7 days a week.
To order call us at (305) 296-8932 or email haitianartcompany@gmail.com.

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