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Gabriel Bien-Aime
J. Sylvestre
(M44) 18x71
In Haiti in the early 1950s, an art form began which continues to have significant impact on art in Haiti and abroad. Simply called "metal," this form typically makes use of industrial waste metals to create remarkable sculptural reliefs. The first examples of this form issued from the hands of Georges Liautaud, a blacksmith from Croix-des-Bouquets, just east of Port-au-Prince. Liautaud expanded upon his skills at the forge to develop the mostly two-dimensional relief form which survives today. From Liautaud, the form has been passed down through apprentices and aspirants. Haitian Art Company's collection includes Seresier and Janvier Louisjuste, Gabriel Bien-Aime, Sylvestre, the Balan family, and others. Our metals are available in a variety of sizes, and have a protective coating so that they may be displayed in- or out-of-doors.
(M1199) 24x24
Gabriel Bien-Aime
(M1166) 17x34
(M1127) 24x24
Silencieus Saint Jean
(M1099) 24x333
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