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Roi David Annisey

Annisey,a Vodou initiate, uses his understanding of the spirit world to generate intricate images. Creating work that is intense and disturbingly beautiful, these paintings are far more than representations of vodou mythology. They become a visual lexicon for the political and personal struggles of the Haitian people.

They are lush, complexly patterned and completely original. It is no wonder that the University of Indiana included his work, along with Haitian Masters Wilson Bigaud and Voltaire Hector , in a special 1995 exhibition. More recently, Annisey was a part of the "Island on Fire" exhibition, organized by collector Jonathan Demme.

98-069, 16"x36" $2,000

98-266, 08"x10" $400
oil on masonite

97-1666, 20"x24"
$ 1,680

98-018, 20"x24"

97-1629, 24"x36"
$ 3,024

98-1019, 18"x31"

94-2387, 16"x20"

21-040, 21"x24"

97-12A, 08"10"

97-376, 08"x10" $400
oil on masonite

97-1367, 20"x24"

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