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The Artibonite Valley
Saincilus Ismael
(2-574) 16x20
Aland Estime
(93-489) 16x20 $500
Eddy Jean Baptiste
(97-1848) 20x24

Artibonite Artists
Saincilus Ismael is considered the father of the Artibonite style of painting. These distinctively colored and detailed images are often painted on a black ground to emphasize their colors. Traditional Artibonite work depicts scenes of country life. However some of Ismael's students, such as Carlo Jn.Baptiste and Michel-Ange Altidort, have gone on to develop distinctive individual styles. These artists have retained a love of detail and sense of color, while exploring themes of fantasy, politics and human relationships in addition to the traditional subject matter.
Michel Ange-Altidort
(99-255) 12x16 Sold
(97-507) 12x16
Benson Myrthil
(93-1147) 8x10
Ernst Altidort
(95-124) 12x16
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