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Chrysler, Bruno

Born in 1944 in Bien, a jungle area near Jacmel, Bruno Chrysler began painting in 1970. His distinct pallet of jewel-like purples, greens and magentas, and the recurrence of anthropomorphic trees in the scenes he paints make his work instantly recognizable. Trees play an important role in Vodou, as homes for the spirits. Chrysler's paintings use this idea to intimate a union between humanity, nature and the spirit world. Chrysler also makes strong statements about human relationships, particularly the primacy of motherhood. His examination of the relationships between the spiritual and natural world, his surrealistic style and sensuous aesthetic, make his paintings fascinating on multiple levels.

Chrysler has sold his works at many galleries in Port-au-Prince and in 1995, was included in a show on contemporary Haitian art at the University of Northern Michigan.

219-252, 20"x24" $ 950

219-250, 20"x24" $ 950

219-251, 12"x16" $ 375

219-249, 12"x16" $ 375

219-248, 12"x16" $ 375

219-247, 12"x16" $ 375

219-246, 12"x16" $ 375
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