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Carlo Jn.Jacques
Carlo Jean-Jacques was born May 1st, 1943. Jean-Jacques was attracted to art at an early age; taking correspondence courses from Ecole ABC in Paris, and later studying under Bernard Wah and Dieudonne Cedor.
Depression and alcholism entered his life in his late 20's. So disturbed by the pain and hardship that surrounded him, Jn.Jacques was consumed with a sorrow that was transferred to all the work he had since created. His paintings, characterized by muted colors, proud postures and strong emotion both expose and condemn social injustice. Depictions of the city's slum quarters have never been executed quite so gracefully.

Carlo Jean-Jacques died in September, 1990.

5-452, 30"x40"
Price On Request.

5-1061, 16"x20"


9-1791, 29"x36"
$ Price On Request.

9-1124, 30"x40"
$ Price On Request.

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