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Bresil Jn.Gilles
Jn.Gilles Bresil was born in 1960 in Port-au-Prince. He began painting at the age of eight after studying with Roosevelt Sanon for 2 and a half years. Painting in a traditional style, Bresil depicts working farmers and villagers scattered across the Haitian landscape. His paintings usually are of idyllic scenes, using softer colors than are often seen in paintings of this particular style.

210-208, 20"x24"

214-141, 10x112"

214-130, 08x10"

210-046, 12x16"

214-133, 08"x10"

29M-330, 12"x16"

214-126, 08"x10"

211-082, 24x36"

214-141, 10x112"

214-135, 08x10"

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