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Born September 12, 1957, Cap Haitien, Haiti.

Jn. Claude St. Croix completed eight years of academic education. He began painting in 1974, learning by watching others.
St. Croix paints as a means of making a living, and because he loves to. He feels there will always be a place for Haitian artists who really work. He is a committed artist best known for his landscapes, seascapes and historical scenes.

(99-899), 20"x24"
(98-1458), 5"x5"

Many feel that he is the best living Cap Haitien artist.
He has been represented in the U.S. for many years by the Haitian Art Co. and recently was featured in "La recontre des deux mondes vue par les peintres d'Haiti" by Jean-Marie Drot.
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Haitian Art Co. is open 10am-6pm (eastern standard time) 7 days a week.
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