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Louisianne St.Fleurant
Louisianne Saint Fleurant was born in 1922 in Petit-Trou-de-Nippe, a small town located directly west of Port-au-Prince on the coast. She is considered the 'godmother' of the St. Soleil painters. St. Soleil was a painting commune in the late 1970's created under the direction of Tiga Garoute and Maude Robbart, promoters of this movement in Soisson-la-Montagne. St. Soleil gave simple people means to express themselves fully through art and poetry, with the source of their inspirations being that of the loas. Louisiane Saint Fleurant originally came to Soisson-la-Montagne to help with the cooking.

Soon after leaving the commune in 1978, she moved into a tiny shop of her own in a ravine above the Petion-Ville market, where she sells her paintings and ceramic sculptures. Her paintings are characterized by her technique of stippling in vibrant colors, that include women, wild foliage, and birds.

(22-304) 24"x30"

91-142C, 30"x40" $4500
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