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Sense of Place: Haitian Schools of Art
HAITIAN ART Domond Jacmel; School of Beauty
Ezene Domond (23-002) 30X40 $
Haitian artists, like artists throughout history, are influenced by their sense of place. "Schools" of painters have emerged from various regions. The lush Artibonite Valley, the southern coast seaport of Jacmel, the northern city of Cap-Haitien and Soissons la Montangne, the mountain home of Saint-Soleil artists, have produced groups of artists with similar styles and ideas.

Gabriel Bien Aimee

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HAITIAN ART Jn.Baptiste The Artibonite Valley
Carlo Jn. Baptiste
(99-1420) 12x16
haitian art Exil Levoy Exil (210-062) 20x24 $HAITIAN ART Obin
S.E. Bottex (24-504) 20X24

HAITIAN ART Bottex Jean Baptiste Bottex
( JB-001) 20X24, $

The city of Cap-Haitian

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