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Frantz Zephirin

CAG-038F, The Queen of heart and the sea. 24x24.

212-008C, 12x20.

FZ-046C,48"x80," Amistad.

FZ-044,48"x60," Caribbean Pirates.

FZ-028C, 24x24
Metting of the
Yan Valou Gods.

213-001C, 36 x 48 $

36x48 $

210-086C, 1620
"The cross of remembering"

FZ512-026C, 30x40

210-088C, 20x40

19x32 $

FZ-010C, 24x24
The Cry and the Tears.

FZ212-004C, 30x40?

HCag-007F, 16x20

FZ3-028,24 1/2x30.

FZ-009C, 24x24
flowers of Destiny.

210-085C, 30x0 $
Price On Request.

HCAG-001F, 24x24 The Bossou God.

F210-023, 20x24

FZ-039C, 40"x40"
Citizens taking over the prison,
Bastille, during the 1789
French Revolution.

FZ-038,48"x60," The Kingdom of Ogou Feraille.

The freedom. Fighters

The Eyes of the Suffering.

Hcag-032C, 24x24.
$The Cry of the Drum.

FZ-001C, 30x40 The visit of General Bossou with Damballah

HCAG-004, Montana Hotel. 16x20.

HCAG-012C, 16x20

210-084C, 16x20

16x20 $

FZ3-034C, 30x40 Hommage and Support to the Aids Victims

FZ-011C, 24x24

FZ-045C,48"x60," For the Memory of all the victims of 9-11-01

AG-009F, Beauty and
the Beast. 20x24. $



20-277C, 20x24
When the "Loup Garoups"
( evil spirits) came to the village all the inhabitants had already fled

FZ-047C, 48"x60" The Earthquake.

FZ-005C, 24x24
Vayage in the Netherworld.

FZ-08C, 24x24 Everything is but Vanity.

Earthquake Timer

FZ-008C, 28"x28" La chevauchee de L'histoire

hcag-039F, 24"x24" $
The Quenn of the Deep

FZ3-035C, 30x40 The "UFO" (The visitors" $

HCAG-015 40"x40"
The flowers of spirituality

hcag-039, 24"x24"
The door of immortality

210-082C, 1620
"Harmony of the spirit"

28-388C, 20x24

FZ-07C, 24x24 The Angel of love

HCAG-008C, 24x24

HCAG-006F, 24x24
The Spiral of

HCAG-019C, 24x24

FZ-024C, 18x24

FZ2-005C, 12x32


FZ-021C, 16"x20" $

HCAG-008F, 24"x24"
The Queen of the heart.

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