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Instinctive Artists

Gerard Fortune
(6-1826) 24x24

Voltaire Hector
(24-027) 16x20

Charle Ermistral
(98-1801) 24x32
When discussing the work of artists who have not been formerly trained, terms such as naïve, primitive, intuitive, and instinctive are often used interchangeably. In spite of all of the verbiage, self taught artists remain difficult to define- the words are somehow limiting. These artists work from a persistent inner vision. They express that vision directly according to rules that they create themselves. The passion and intensity of work that springs from a pure and personal artistic vision has garnered world wide attention among collectors.

Fritzner Obin
(20-597) 16x20

Agathe Aladin
(27-082) 16x24
Self Taught Artists
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