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Haitian artists who want formal training often become apprentices to established artists. Through these informal student teacher relationships, emerging artists learn valuable skills and can blossom under the tutelage of their mentors.

Berrouet Wilhem
(99-693) 20X24

Carlo Jn. Baptiste
(210-068) 16x20

Carlo Jn.Baptiste, a student of Saincilius Ismael, became the teacher of Berrouet Wilhem.

Nelson Woodsor
(-405) 20X24

Andre Blaise
(27-587) 24x30

Nelson Woodsor learned to paint from his famous uncle, St. Louis Blaise. St. Louis' brother Andre Blaise is also an accomplished painter.

Josue Saintyl
(210-152) 16X220

Soliman Delva
(99-0853) 20x24

Josue Saintyl studied with social realist Soliman Delva.

Cameau Rameau
(0270-1) 20X24

Hilome Jose
210-066, 30"x30"

One of Calixte Henry's students was Hilome Jose.

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