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Ezene Domond Market Scene

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Marina Piece

Villagers Dancing and Celebrating Aquatic Sea Creature Playing the Banjo and Riding a Fish Children in the Jungle Villagers at the River

Haitian Art

Select authentic Haitian art from the Haitian Art Company. Your purchase of colorful, iconic Haitian art helps to support Haitians in their daily lives. HAC was founded in Key West, FL, in 1977 by the father-daughter team of Boris and Ruth Kravitz. We purchase original art from Haitian artists, and there are never any duplicates. Our gallery is a friendly art exchange where honesty is valued, and friendships are cherished. If you're an art lover, please feel free to contact us about one-of-a-kind paintings, sculptures, papier mache, and Spirit Flags from our artists in Haiti. We ship nationwide, and you'll help support the people of Haiti when you shop with HAC.

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Man Pulling Cart Dreamland Three Panthers in the Forest
Horses and Flamingos Volleyball Market Scene
FZ-047 by Frantz Zephirin S9-012 Stone Sculpture hectore2019-201 by Voltaire Hector
zephirinhacg-015 Frantz Zephirin fz-394040 zephirin hcag032


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