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Erzuloi Mermaid Painting

Erzulie Danthor

Nicolas Dreux Painting Woman In Mangrove

Offering Beautiful Contemporary Folk Art in Key West, FL

At Haitian Art Company, we offer beautiful and unique contemporary folk art in Key West, FL. Whether you are looking for paintings, stone and metal sculptures, or bead art, you are sure to find a unique piece when you visit our shop. We source all of our artwork directly from Haitian artists, ensuring that each piece of art is authentic. So, when you are looking for beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork for your home or business, our gallery has precisely what you need. Contact us today to learn more about the artwork we have to offer or to explore our collection for yourself.

Traditional Authentic Art

When you choose one of our Haitian paintings or beaded art pieces, you experience vibrant and rich colors that highlight contemporary and traditional Haitian settings. Many of the pieces feature lush tropical surroundings or busy marketplaces. The colors and styles found on the pieces are representative of traditional techniques that highlight the culture and history of the island. So, when you want to directly support Haitian artists and purchase beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork, visit our gallery or online store. We offer nationwide shipping on all the pieces we have to offer.

Underwater Queen
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